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100% Jamaican Stone

Official Source and Distributor

Spice up your sex life and enhance your performance TODAY!

14 Day Gurantee
  • Stop Premature Ejaculation
  • Last for up to 4 hours Long
  • No Odor No Expiry
  • 100% Herbal Remedy
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'Jamaican Stone'
The All Natural Herbal remedy That's Combats and Puts an End To Premature Ejaculation

Enhance Your Sexual Performance and Keep Your Erection For Longer

The Original Jamaican Stone

Stop Premature Ejaculation and Keep Your Erection For Longer

Rekindle the magic in the bedroom with Jamaican Stone

The Jamaican Stone is a product in its own league. With a so many different solutions  on the market for combating premature ejaculation and delaying ejaculation, the Jamaican Stone definitely sets the pace as being the number one simple solution for stopping premature ejaculation instantly.

With studies finding that 75% of all males, will suffer from premature ejaculation at one point in there life time, it is not uncommon to find some men ejaculating quicker then normal. Sometimes, the condition is so bad that the man cannot even manage to have intercourse because he invariably ejaculates before he can get into the vagina.

This can be devastating for a man's self-confidence and can be hugely frustrating and annoying for his partner. For some men lasting 5 minutes maybe sufficient enough to please their partner, while for the average women 20 or 30 minutes of penetrative sex is necessary for a orgasmic orgasm.

How Can Jamaican Stone Help?

Jamaican Stone is a (concentrated) tree sap used to change the level of stimulation in the penis head while enhancing the erection and delaying ejaculation. Commonly used in Jamaica and the caribbean, Jamaican stone is the most effective all natural remedy for sustaining erections, delay ejaculation and stop premature ejaculation (P E).

This small discreet herbal black stone is applied direct to the penis and begins working instantly. Within 10 -15 minutes the ability to last all night will be achieved.

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One simple application could delay your ejaculation for up to 4hrs and still maintain your erection! With no odor or expiry date, the Jamaican Stone is small enough to be discreetly concealed in your wallet or pocket. Made popular in the late 70's by Chinese herbalist sellers, Jamaican Stone was also known as Black Stone, Sex Stone and the Love Stone, which was initially used as an aid to last longer, sustain harder erections and to stop premature ejaculation.

Have the ability to keep your erection for longer within minutes!

Jamaican Stone gives you the ability to last 3-4 hours and the overwhelming possibility to please your partner every time. 

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Benefits of Using The Jamaican Stone

  • Delay Ejaculation for up to 4 Hours
  • Increase your sexual self confidence
  • Combat and Stop Premature Ejaculation!
  • Satisfy yourself and your lover
  • Enhance your erection
  • Increase the length of time you spend in love making.
  • Practice new positions
  • Bring your partner to orgasm
  • Gain a harder erection to give maximum pleasure.
  • Sustain your erection
  • Prolong you and your partners Sexual activity
  • Increase the sensation to your penis
  • Enhance your sexual pleasure

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With the sole use of Jamaican Stone you can combat this problem and eventually stop premature ejaculation!
Even if you don't suffer from premature ejaculation, Jamaican Stone can delay your ejaculation and give you that power in the bedroom you've always wanted.
Jamaican Stone has helped countless amount of men in the Caribbean, USA, UK , Africa, Australia all over the world, to finally achieve long lasting sexual activity in the bedroom without the need of any pills or prescriptions.

Whether you're looking to increase your staying power from a few seconds to a few minutes, a few minutes to several minutes, or from several minutes to a few hours, you can benefit from using Jamaican Stone

Delay ejaculation and perform like a stud!

Small Price For 3 Months Worth

There really is no comparison in ease of use, affordability, and enjoyment when it comes to the Jamaican Stone.
For as little as $10 dollars a month you can maintain your sexual prowess and stop premature ejaculation whenever you choose to.
One small piece of the Jamaican Stone can last up to 3 months. That’s right Six months for a as little as $10 a month ($10 x 3 months = $30).

Small Price, Big Results! Order Here

In comparison to so many other products on the market that claim to eliminate and stop premature ejaculation the price to these other products would equate to double the price of  the Jamaican Stone and would only be  enough for 1 months supply. Jamaican Stone last for at least *3 months!  
This small black herbal stone is powerful in a very big way, ensuring you last longer, stay harder and keep your erection for longer.
Now also available in a simple and easy to use Delay Spray

Jamaican Stone Delay Spray

This amazing product has now limitation on how long it will keep you going, but it will definitely keep you lasting longer.
The Jamaican Stone is simple and easy to apply and starts to work instantly. This effective all natural solution is absorbed in to the penile tissue so that within a matter of minutes you will be ready to sexually perform at your best.

‘Starts to work within Minutes, keeps you going for Hours’

Ever since the increase in popularity of the Jamaican Stone, Many imitations and retailers claiming to sell the genuine and authentic Jamaican Stone have appeared on the market. Not only are these websites selling the fake imitations (that have little or no effect at all), but these imitations can also have harmful side effects. Only buy the real and original Jamaican Stone right here from www.jamaicanstone.com where you can be reassured that you are buying the original, authentic and genuine Jamaican Stone.

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Without doubt Jamaican Stone is a very potent product and is definitely not for the faint hearted. With one simple application of the Jamaican Stone, you are given the ultimate ability to lasting for hours on end performing anywhere from 30mins to 4hrs. If the prospects of lasting up to 4 hours or adding an extra 30 minutes to your current sex session seems daunting or frightening to you, then the Jamaican Stone is not for you.

'Put a end to short comings and go the full distance'

Gain more sexual confidence and keep lasting for longer

With the average female taking at least 20 – 25mins to reach orgasm and the average man taking only 5 minutes , the possibility of bringing your partner to orgasm with Jamaican Stone can easily be achieved.

With over 10’s of thousands of Jamaican Stone pieces sold worldwide, the Jamaican Stone has become a sought after herbal remedy for sexually active men that hungrily want to increase and maintain their erection, stop premature ejaculation and enhance there performance in the bedroom.

With so many pills , potions, delay sprays, creams, gels and imitations on the market, all claiming to be effective against stopping premature ejaculation, choosing the right solution for you can be very daunting. Unlike any other delaying product for men the Jamaican Stone is has no expiration date, no odor and No limit to keep you lasting longer.

Works Instantly!

No need to wait around, Jamaican Stone gets to work instantly.

Works Instantly

Lasts up to 4 Hours!

Jamaican Stone gives you the ability to last up to 3-4 hours and please your partner every time!

Last for longer

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